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Bear School: A Forest School Experience


We are passionate about giving children the opportunity to learn while outdoors.  We are interested in providing children with the opportunity to experience a certified Forest School program while attending Licensed Childcare.

Our goal is to provide families with quality care that encompasses a philosophy and curriculum that centers on learning in nature, about nature.

We believe that when children are given the opportunity to engage in self-directed play in a natural environment, they build confidence, resilience, and social skills. This gives them the ability to thrive both emotionally and physically, building a foundation for successful lifelong learning.

Through forest school programming children develop a sense of belonging and an appreciation for the natural world around them. 
Through our continuous training program, our goal is for all staff to become Certified Forest School Practitioners.

We call our Forest School Program Bear School.


Bear School refers to each program’s outdoor space where they facilitate their Forest School experience.

The term Bear School was coined by the Preschoolers at our Leahurst location when they chose to visit a small group of trees located near by. 

They named the little forest Bear School as it was their outdoor learning environment. 

The children’s interest in visiting the forest and learning outside has grown to encompass any space we visit regularly in nature. 

The children of all programs visit their Bear School spaces weekly to explore, discover, and learn in nature.